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Veterans Fence Company is a full service fence installation company with over 40 years of experience.  We offer a wide range of services in the area of residential, commercial and industrial fence installation.  We offer design work, repairs, installation, consulting and maintenance.

Why Our Company Is Better

When working on a project, it’s important to hire a company that is dependable to be a part of your team.  Veterans Fence Company could be a valuable part of that team because of our attention to detail and dedication to every project we commit to.

Our company is known within the industry for managing projects to exacting standards, on time delivery and most importantly customer satisfaction.  Our reputation is important to us and we will do everything to make sure that you are more than satisfied with your fence once it’s installed.

At Veterans Fence Company we pride ourselves in being truly unique and excel in any custom project you are looking for.  If you want something not only done with care, but also done right the first time, then give us a call at 313-381-8530.

Company History

Veterans Fence Company was started back in 1959 by three men who were discharged from the Army after serving in Alaska for two years.  This partnership lasted for a little more than three years before two of the founding members moved on to different career paths leaving  Jim Teets as the sole owner.

Veterans Fence Company FamilyJim was able build a dynamic fence company that services South Eastern Michigan over the last 40 years.  Along the way his 3 sons all worked every aspect of the family business.  As soon as the boys could walk, they were handed shovels and taught to dig holes, mix cement and be be courteous and respectful to each and every customer.

Currently, Jim Teets is semi retired in Sunny Florida having delegated the day to day operations to his son Brian and his nephew Rich.  He still calls his son every day to check on company progress and during the summer months he is personally at every job checking on quality installations.

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"Veterans fence solved all my safety issues. I live on a busy street and my kids would always find a way near the street. I called Veterans Fence Company so that I could get a proper fence installed. They had my job completed in a few days. With other Plymouth homes that end up gettting new fencing installed, it seems like it can take forever. The team at Veterans was fast, professional and economical. Now I can let my kids play in our backyard and not have to worry." Brian Kurtz