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Ornamental Fence

An Ornamental Fence is usually called for either in the case of a specialized application or enhanced visual effect.  An example of a specialized application would be to enclose a pool or hot tub area while placing a wrought iron fence with a custom gate at the front of your home or business would be an example of an enhanced visual effect.

Traditionally, ornamental fencing is available in aluminum and steel.  Aluminum offers an array of colors to match any backyard setting and there are over 15 styles to choose from.  Steel fencing or wrought iron are traditionally in black and offers an elegant look.

Not all companies offer ornamental fencing, preferring instead to focus on more traditional lines such as Wood or Chain Link.  Veterans Fence Company however, does offer expert  ornamental fence installation at either  your home or office.  Call our direct line for more information.

Aluminum Ornamental Fence

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Veterans Fence is a dealer for many manufacturers – Ameristar Fence Products, Elite Fence Products, and Ultra Aluminum Manufacturing.

These companies offer residential, commercial and industrial grades in a number of different styles. Black and white fences are offered by all of our suppliers. If you are in need of something different – green, bronze, brown, sand, or beige-Veterans Fence can help you choose the best application for your fencing needs.

Our fence company can install either flat top or exposed picket styles are based on either a 2″ or 4″ space between the pickets. They come in either six or eight foot long sections. For security for your dog, some suppliers make a poodle guard panel. Gates can either match the fence style or you can select from more ornate arching or scalloping styles.

Wood Fence

A wood fence brings the natural beauty of the wilderness to your backyard. Our custom built wood fences are built from premium western red cedar.  This style of fence offers privacy, longevity and are built to your specifications. In fact, Western red cedar remains one of the most popular species of wood used in fencing because of its natural beauty and longevity. While this type of wood costs a bit more than Southern yellow pine, it naturally resists warping and rotting in most situations.

Cedar fences are mostly built in privacy, semi-privacy, and shadow box styles but decorative and custom fences are available as well.  You may be looking for a privacy fence, but don’t want to pay the higher price for the Vinyl fence and if so then a quality Cedar Wood Fence is the right choice.

It’s important to discuss the maintainence aspect of a wood fence with your fence company representative.  Wood fences are made of all-natural materials and are suppose to obtain a weathered look over time.  However, if semi-annual basic matainence is not performed on your fence it can cut the useful life expectancy of your wood fence in half.

To make sure that you get off on the right foot your Veterans Fence representative will answer any questions you have about pricing, installation, and maintaince of your new wood fence.  Call us at the number above and you can ask any question you may have.  We’ll try to get you the answers even before stopping by your place to provide you with an estimate.

Wood Fence 1

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Let the creative custom wood builders at Veterans Fence construct a long lasting custom built cedar fence in your backyard. We come out and set each wood posts 42″ in concrete and we than hand select each board to construct your fence. Many jobs are built on site to follow the contour of your grade. This will prevent it from looking choppy or uneven.

When we are finished, we will have transformed your back yard leaving a fresh scent of cedar in the air and the adoration of your neighbors.

Vinyl Fence

For the past 25 years, Vinyl Fence products have continued to increase in demand from homeowners nationwide and our fence company continues to get calls requesting information on it’s cost, colors, and durability.

Benefits of a vinyl fence:
- Highly visible- an excellent physical and psychological barrier
- Eliminates maintenance headaches- no rust, rot or insect damage
- Smooth surfaces- no sharp edges, slivers or snags.

A good vinyl fence stands head an shoulders above all others in terms of style and care-free maintainence.  They come in many different heights and styles that range from a full-privacy fence to semi-privacy to picket styles.  Colors include: White, Monterey Sand, Beige, Dark Taupe, Grey and Mocha. While white is still the most popular color choice, many are choosing a tan or clay color in order to more evenly match to the existing color scheme of the home itself.

It’s easy to care for a vinyl fence too.  Most products on require that the fence itself be hosed off with plain water or a light soap solution.  Beware of using a power washer though!  Power washers and pressure washers are often more powerful than you think and close-up blast has been known to punch nickle-sized holes in a fence every now and then.

If you stick with a regular hose or the pressure washer on the low setting, you should be able keep your Vinyl fence clean with only a few washes per year.

Another point to remember is that Vinyl is a actually a petroleum based product which means it’s price is tied  very closely to the rise and fall of oil prices.  If you’ve spoken with a friend of family member who had their Vinyl fence installed a few years back, you might want to take their price estimate with a grain of salt.

All products come with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty, along with our three year service warranty.

Feel free to give us call if you have any questions and our fence company will send out a representative to get you the best price quote on the style of vinyl fence you are interested in.

Vinyl Fence

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Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fencing has been the most common and widely installed fencing solution for decades.  In fact, when Jim Teets founded the company in 1959, over 90% of all clients chose to have chain link fence installed by their local fence company.

Things have changed over the years and other products including vinly, wood and ornamental fences have gained in popularity, but the heardy and reliable chain link fence is still the most-requested product on the market today.

Many remember the chain link fences of yester-year that were prone to quickly rust and had sharp points or edges that could cause cuts to someone working on them, around them, or climbing over them.  In recnet years however, advances in manufacturing have enabled today’s chain link fence to be more durable and less prone to rust or discolor.

Vinyl coated chain link fencing is also available to increase it’s weather resistant properties as well as match up to other elements of your home’s external styling.

Vinyl fencing is the most common product we sell, even today.  If you would like to discuss how easy and affordably it would be to have yours installed, give Veterans Fence Company a call today at the number at the top of this page.

Chain Link Fence

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Veterans Fence offers a large variety of chain link fencing products and installation. When shopping for your fencing needs, be sure that when you compare prices you are comparing the same quality of products. There are several gauges (thickness) of wire as well as different thickness of posts and framework. The higher the gauge number, the thinner the wire. We can discuss the type that will best meet your needs.

The three main types of wire (or fabric) are galvanized, aluminum coated (aluminized) and vinyl coated. The most common is a 2″ mesh, meaning the “holes” in the wire are 2″ squares. Other mesh sizes range from 1″ to 2 3/8″. All fence wire is available in different gauges. Following is our recommendations for residential fencing:

  • * The vinyl coated wire comes in green, black, brown, and white. This is a 9 gauge wire including the vinyl. Vinyl coated wire will not rust unless the vinyl coating is ripped or torn.
  • * The aluminum coated wire comes in 9 or 10 gauge. We commonly recommend 10 gauge for residential installations. This gauge is economical, yet strong enough to handle most residential needs. With this type of fencing the wire is dipped in the aluminum coating prior to being woven. This procedure provides the least likelihood of rusting and a very smooth surface.
  • * Galvanized coated wire (9 gauge) is coated after the weaving process, sometimes creating sharp points or pockets that can be susceptible to rust. Pre-galvanized fabric is available but is galvanized to lower standards and not recommended.

Posts and framework also come in a variety of thickness as well as diameters. Posts and framework can be either galvanized or vinyl coated to match the color of your wire. We currently stock 3 different grades of galvanized posts and framework:

  • * Residential Grade – pipe wall thickness of .065″
  • * Heavy residential/Light Commercial Grade – SS20 weight class
  • * Industrial Grade – SS40 and Schedule 40 weight class

The pipe wall thickness of the 20 and 40 weight varies by diameter and is strong enough for your heavier projects. Again, because we are a fence company that has years of experience with chain link fence, we can help you select the products that are right for your project.

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"Veterans fence solved all my safety issues. I live on a busy street and my kids would always find a way near the street. I called Veterans Fence Company so that I could get a proper fence installed. They had my job completed in a few days. With other Plymouth homes that end up gettting new fencing installed, it seems like it can take forever. The team at Veterans was fast, professional and economical. Now I can let my kids play in our backyard and not have to worry." Brian Kurtz