Chain Link Fencing has been the most common and widely installed fencing solution for decades.  In fact, when Jim Teets founded the company in 1959, over 90% of all clients chose to have chain link fence installed by their local fence company.

Things have changed over the years and other products including vinly, wood and ornamental fences have gained in popularity, but the heardy and reliable chain link fence is still the most-requested product on the market today.

Many remember the chain link fences of yester-year that were prone to quickly rust and had sharp points or edges that could cause cuts to someone working on them, around them, or climbing over them.  In recnet years however, advances in manufacturing have enabled today’s chain link fence to be more durable and less prone to rust or discolor.

Vinyl coated chain link fencing is also available to increase it’s weather resistant properties as well as match up to other elements of your home’s external styling.

Vinyl fencing is the most common product we sell, even today.  If you would like to discuss how easy and affordably it would be to have yours installed, give Veterans Fence Company a call today at the number at the top of this page.

Chain Link Fence

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Veterans Fence offers a large variety of chain link fencing products and installation. When shopping for your fencing needs, be sure that when you compare prices you are comparing the same quality of products. There are several gauges (thickness) of wire as well as different thickness of posts and framework. The higher the gauge number, the thinner the wire. We can discuss the type that will best meet your needs.

The three main types of wire (or fabric) are galvanized, aluminum coated (aluminized) and vinyl coated. The most common is a 2″ mesh, meaning the “holes” in the wire are 2″ squares. Other mesh sizes range from 1″ to 2 3/8″. All fence wire is available in different gauges. Following is our recommendations for residential fencing:

  • * The vinyl coated wire comes in green, black, brown, and white. This is a 9 gauge wire including the vinyl. Vinyl coated wire will not rust unless the vinyl coating is ripped or torn.
  • * The aluminum coated wire comes in 9 or 10 gauge. We commonly recommend 10 gauge for residential installations. This gauge is economical, yet strong enough to handle most residential needs. With this type of fencing the wire is dipped in the aluminum coating prior to being woven. This procedure provides the least likelihood of rusting and a very smooth surface.
  • * Galvanized coated wire (9 gauge) is coated after the weaving process, sometimes creating sharp points or pockets that can be susceptible to rust. Pre-galvanized fabric is available but is galvanized to lower standards and not recommended.

Posts and framework also come in a variety of thickness as well as diameters. Posts and framework can be either galvanized or vinyl coated to match the color of your wire. We currently stock 3 different grades of galvanized posts and framework:

  • * Residential Grade – pipe wall thickness of .065″
  • * Heavy residential/Light Commercial Grade – SS20 weight class
  • * Industrial Grade – SS40 and Schedule 40 weight class

The pipe wall thickness of the 20 and 40 weight varies by diameter and is strong enough for your heavier projects. Again, because we are a fence company that has years of experience with chain link fence, we can help you select the products that are right for your project.