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Beverly Hills Fence Company

Cedar Fence with Columns

Cedar Fence with Columns

If you live in Beverly Hills then you have come to the right place to get more information about having a fence installed. I’m going to provide you with 3 Easy Steps you can take in order to insure that your experience of buying a new fence and having it installed goes smoothly.

We’ll be focusing on the things to do in order to choose the best Beverly Hills fence company for your job, but there’s a lot more info at different areas of this site so feel free to check out that as well. That being said, let’s get into the things you can do to make sure that the local fence company you go with will do a good job at a fair price:

1) Company Location – the extended state of economic trouble has put more than one Beverly Hills fence company in harm’s way. A lot of homeowners are pressing the pause button on any big-ticket purchases from TVs to cars to home upgrades. This applies double where installing permanent fixtures for the house is concerned because many homeowners don’t know how long they’ll be staying in their current home.

What this all boils down to is a situation where the fence companies which have not been driven out of business are not stretching out and looking for business in areas where they wouldn’t normally even bid on a job. This can go awry quickly because there is no rule that says that as soon as you cut a deposit check to a particular Beverly Hills fence company, that you have a space in line “saved” where scheduling is concerned and everyone who signs up to get a fence after you will have their fence installed after you.

Beverly Hills Fence Company

A wrought iron fence is an oft-forgotten option that can set many homes aprart from the crowd.

The fencing business is complex in that, with the exception of chain link fencing, materials have to be ordered and produced before they can be picked up and brought to the job site for installation. The exception to this is the fence posts, which can be had on demand because there are no sizing requirements. The result is that fence companies will go out and install the posts well in advance of installing the rest of the fence. You can see how, if you are dealing with a company that is way out in Lansing instead of a Beverly Hills fence company that is in the local southeast Michigan area, you could find yourself in a situation where you have fence posts in the ground but the rest of you fence sits unfinished while the contractor delays the work on your project in order to get as many jobs “closer to home” finished instead. Go with a company that is more local and you can avoid this.

2) Municipality Requirements – I’ll come right out and say that it is my hope that you’ll choose Veterans Fence Company to install your next fencing system. If, however, you decided that another Beverly Hills fence company is better suited to the task, make sure that they know what they are doing in Beverly Hills.

Remember, a company based in Lansing can run an add in the local paper or Yellow Pages but that doesn’t mean they have the experience dealing with the local community planning department. This is another reason why working with a local Beverly Hills fence company is in your best interests.

3) Proper Bonding, Insurance, and Certification – always double check to make sure that the Beverly Hills fence company you go with carries the proper insurance and is bonded in accordance with Michigan State regulations. If a member of an installation crew injures himself while on your property, his company’s coverage should help take care of his lost time, wages, and medical expenses. If this type of coverage was never procured or was allowed to lapse then the worker might just feel that it makes sense to pursue legal action again you, the homeowner, to get the money he feels he’s entitled to.

At Veterans Fence we’ve always maintained our contractor’s license in good standing as well as all the required insurance coverage to give you that extra peace of mind when our fence company is on-site installing your fence. You can ask for a copy at any time and we’ll be glad to provide it to you.
Those are just three tips that answer some of the most-asked questions we get from customers looking for a reliable Beverly Hills fence company. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us directly at 313-381-8530 and we’ll make sure you get all the answer you are looking for before so you can feel confident you’re getting the highest quality product and the best service available from any fence company in the area.

Franklin Fence Company

Franklin Fence Company

A properly installed fence can significantly enhance any the appearance of any home.

If you’re like most people, you’ve put off getting a new fence installed for longer than you wanted to. Everyone is busy and intuitively you knew that the process of buying a fence wasn’t going to be like ordering a cheeseburger from McDonald’s. It was going to take time and effort to figure out what you really want and who you want to do the job. The good news is that’s really the only two hurdles you have to overcome. Once you determine the type of fencing will wrap around your property best and select the right Franklin fence company to do the work, you pretty much get to sit back and watch the magic happen.

Selecting the type of fence can be the most time-consuming aspect of the process. It’s a good idea to do some research into different types of fencing so that you can fix a picture in your mind of exactly what you’d like the finished product to look like. While chain link fencing is the most popular material for building fences coast-to-coast, it’s usually not the first choice for those in local area. Most will opt for some type of decorative privacy or semi-privacy fence build for either cedar of vinyl and some will opt for a high-end stone or rod-iron fence. The average Franklin fence company can install wood, vinyl, and chain-link fences with east but not every one will be willing to go the extra mile to install a stone or iron fence. If either of these last two are what you want to go with, be sure to ask your local fence company if they install such products as it’s not a given that they do.

Once you have a good idea about the type of fencing you want to have installed around your home the next, and often more tricky, stage is to select the right Franklin fence company. Not all fence companies are created equal. Some companies, like Veterans Fence, have decades of experience in the fencing industry. You might think that the time in business might not be an important factor in how your fence will turn out, but you’d be wrong. The fence business has it’s own set of issues that need to be managed properly in order to keep 50 or 100 jobs running on time simultaneously. There’s a lot that goes into ordering material, seeing it delivered to the job site on time, having holes dug and posts set before the material arrives, and getting applicable permits pulled before the whole thing is initiated.

Failure to properly systematize is the main reason that a new Franklin fence company will often start up, run for two or three seasons, and then disappear from the phone book. It’s not easy to coordinate dozens of installations while at the same time maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. Delays caused by failures in systematization leads to unhappy homeowner which leads to few (if any) referrals. Referrals are the life-blood of any fence company and a start up that cannot earn the respect of it’s previous customers will quickly fail.

Decorative Iron Fence

Decorative Wrought Iron Fence

The reason why this impacts you is that in the intermittent time period between a new company filing their incorporation paperwork and the time that they take down their shingle is when they are trying to get people like you to hire them. Usually, they have little more than price as an incentive to choose them over other, more established, Franklin fence companies. The result of offering to take less for the same work is that they can only hire sub-par, even shady, workers. You know, the type of people who just seem grungy and lackadaisical in their demeanor. You’ve seen those in your neighborhood who have gotten work done from these types of outfits and everyone in the area is happy to see them leave.

The bottom line is that there are plenty of customers out there who are willing to hire the new guy and give him a chance to prove his metal. You don’t have to feel obligated to “give them a chance” where installing your fence is concerned. You are not the only one getting a fence installed this year, so rest assured that they can cut their teeth on a job elsewhere. Don’t run the risk that you’re going to be the customer that they let down so that they can learn “the hard way” that they need to maintain a high level of service if they want to stay in business. Go with a reputable, established Franklin fence company and you’ll avoid 90% of the heartbreak that hundreds of homeowners experience each year when their fence is not installed properly, or on time, or with proper workmanship.

There you have it. The two things that you need to get right in order to have a beautiful fence installed that is a testament to your sense of style and adheres to the overall image you want you home to project in the neighborhood. Spend some time doing the research on what type of fence you want to have installed and choose the right Franklin fence company to do the work. Everything else is just details. Give me a call at 313-381-8530 and I’ll be happy to come out and tell you what our company, Veterans Fence, can do to make your dream a reality. My father founded this business nearly 50 years ago and so you don’t have to worry that we lack the experience to do the job right the first time and you can rest assured that your project is in good hands.

Brian Teets

- Veterans Fence, Owner

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"Veterans fence solved all my safety issues. I live on a busy street and my kids would always find a way near the street. I called Veterans Fence Company so that I could get a proper fence installed. They had my job completed in a few days. With other Plymouth homes that end up gettting new fencing installed, it seems like it can take forever. The team at Veterans was fast, professional and economical. Now I can let my kids play in our backyard and not have to worry." Brian Kurtz