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Automatic Gate Access

Integrating an automatic gate access system into your existing or soon-to-be-installed fence system is a highly specialized task that, if done improperly by an inexperienced fence company, can cost thousands of dollars in additional work, reinstallation, and repairs.

Veterans Fence has already gained the experience over the last 40 years of installing commercial fence applications has worked out the details on this often-complex process.

Your gate will be aligned properly so that after installed, you don’t develop mis-alignment jams and failures.  It will built from industrial grade materials from the ground up for durability and long life and if you choose to integrate an access code station, we’ll give you or your staff proper training on how to add or remove personnel from the system.

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"Veterans fence solved all my safety issues. I live on a busy street and my kids would always find a way near the street. I called Veterans Fence Company so that I could get a proper fence installed. They had my job completed in a few days. With other Plymouth homes that end up gettting new fencing installed, it seems like it can take forever. The team at Veterans was fast, professional and economical. Now I can let my kids play in our backyard and not have to worry." Brian Kurtz